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The Manhood Peninsula Action Group (MPAG) is working with Chichester Harbour Trust and Stand Up 4 Chichester (SU4C) to call a halt to all major housing developments.


All Manhood residents know that the existing road network struggles to cope. The only solution to the A27 problem is a northern bypass. Upgrades or link roads will prove disastrous, causing traffic chaos for years. Access on and off the Peninsula will become well-nigh impossible. Tourism and the local economy will suffer to the point of extinction.


The Manhood Peninsula is a unique coastal plain, very vulnerable to flooding. We need to work with nature to preserve its environmental treasures, Chichester and Pagham Harbours and Medmerry. Covering the Peninsula in housing and roads will destroy not enhance this precious, natural habitat.


Critically, we support limited social, affordable housing. Particularly to allow young people to stay in the area. We do not need more second homes. These must be located appropriately and designed to be flood resilient. Building large housing estates with inadequate sewerage will result in increased flooding and then prove impossible to insure.


We call on Chichester District Council (CDC) to go back to Government and say that they are unable to proceed with the Local Plan until the housing numbers are re-calculated. In addition, we must bite the bullet and accept that we should press for a northern by-pass.


We are vulnerable as CDC has failed to deliver a Local Plan on time. Landowners want to sell and developers want to build. Calling a Moratorium will allow new, innovative thinking to address these huge problems. The Climate Emergency means that the same old thinking won’t work. It is time for CDC to be brave and stand up for both residents and the environment.  


We call on all residents of the Manhood Peninsula to: 


Write NOW to:

Gillian Keegan MP: gillian.keegan.mp@parliament.uk

Councillor Eileen Lintill, Leader CDC: elintill@chichester.gov.uk


Much as we would like to give you a standard email to click on, sadly if hundreds of the same emails are sent, they will be ignored. It is much more effective if you create your own. So here are some things you could mention:

  1. Where you live (Manhood, village etc)

  2. Why you want to call a stop: too much traffic, flooding, environmental damage, inadequate sewage infrastructure, sewage and nitrates pollution of Chichester and Pagham harbours.

  3. What you would like to happen: Prevent any major housing development, promote a northern by-pass, legally protect the Peninsula from over-development.

If you do email, please copy us: manhoodpag@gmail.com