Proposed constituency boundary changes – moving half the Manhood Peninsula from Chichester to Bognor Regis


This is a map of the new proposed constituency of Bognor Regis in red and the current constituency in blue.


Your proposed constituency is Bognor Regis
















Tim Bowden, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for England asks:

“What are the local ties which bind together your constituency? Is it where you send your children to school, your place of worship, your library – or, perhaps, the community groups you attend? Over the next eight weeks, we want you to tell us how we can best reflect your local community as we reshape the map of Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.”


What are the changes?


They propose to split the Manhood Peninsula down the middle and move Selsey, Sidlesham, Hunston, North and South Mundham, Runcton, Oving and Tangmere into a new Bognor Regis Constituency out of the current Chichester Constituency.


Why does this make no sense?


Answering Tim Bowden’s questions above – Manhood residents overwhelmingly send their children to school in Chichester, attend places of worship in Chichester, go to the Library in Chichester, all our community links are based in Chichester.


The Manhood Peninsula is a unique entity of itself, separated from Bognor Regis by Pagham Harbour with no west/east roads. Access to Bognor Regis from the Manhood can only be gained by driving to Chichester, along the over-crowded A27, and then south on the A259 or B2166 (or from the B2145 to go south through North Mundham).


Splitting the Peninsula in half displays a lack of local knowledge, there are no ties that bind half of the Manhood Peninsula to Bognor Regis. The Manhood needs to remain intact as a single entity within the Chichester Constituency.


Why does this matter?


A constituency represents its population. The Manhood Peninsula has a unique identity as a whole, not a half. Working to ensure the Manhood’s voice is heard in Chichester has been a challenge in itself. Having it split in two will mean even less recognition of our specific concerns and less ability for us to truly work together to conserve our unique peninsula.


What can you do?        Best step is to comment online – deadline is before Monday 2 August 2021


Go to website:    


Enter your postcode     


A map of the new Bognor Regis constituency will come up. In the right-hand box, on top of the map, click “Make a Comment” (see below)





















It will ask you:             “Make a comment

Are you sure you wish to create a comment for this location?”


Click on ‘Yes’


Then complete the form with your comments


What else can you do?


Write to Gillian Keegan MP:        

Write to the Chichester Observer:


Please spread this as far and wide as possible – we all need to stand up and be counted to preserve the integrity of the Manhood Peninsula.


Thank you

Joan Foster

Chair, Manhood Peninsula Action Group

18 June 2021

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